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ATC another idea of housing

ATC is a company which is working in property-development and services by concentrating its activities in promoting a new concept of ecological housing in Europe and worldwide since 2006.

The commitment of ATC for sustainable property is as follows:
 Corporate Citizenship and property-development, ATC believes that the todays world needs to prepare for tomorrow. It strives to act as a sustainable business in all its dimensions. responsible for its products, it organizes around sustainable development synergies. Sustainable in its internal operations, it mobilizes its staff to act responsible both on the development of their activities in their daily behavior.

Through the portal ATC concept, we allow everyone to take a step forward for the environment by planting a tree for each ads and reservations at no extra cost. This ecological service is completely free and only managed by ATC.

Do you have any doubts?
We can imagine only too well that you are uncertain about trusting a site with homes for rent. Many sites with rental housing are obscure. Therefore, we understand your apprehension. 

Furthermore, they often require you to pay a registration fee without you even knowing whether they truly have homes to rent, and who is offering these homes. This is not the way we do business. This is one of the reasons why we established ATC 

  • It costs nothing to register with us

  • Estate agents who post their offerings on ATC pay us for their posting

  • You can easily review all the offerings on the site free of charge; remember to log on each day to see all the new offerings. Simply register and we will keep you up to date.

  • We protect your privacy. We also do not like spam.

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IMPORTANT: When you place your ad on this site, it is displayed at no extra cost on all the sites in the The Cube Realty network. 

Expat services

All through your move, you will be faced with an assortment of issues that will need solving. Obviously finding a new residence is one of the main priorities. ATC aims to provide as much assistance as humanly possible in such matters while we can also introduce you to extremely carefully selected partners.

On our page you will find an overview of these partners. This will considerably shorten the time you will spend searching for service providers that you will undoubtedly require as an expat moving. All our partners are carefully selected and specialised in providing services for expats.
Through these partners, ATC aims to provide the optimum services designed for your move!

What we do

ATC will help you find the perfect home for rent! Simply fill in your search criteria on ATC and you will receive automatic updates from us about homes for rent as soon as they are put on the market.

ATC sends your information to our member estate agents as soon as they put a rental home on the market that matches your profile. The estate agent receives a message from ATC to contact you based on the personal information you provided.